First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lubos Majan (Lucas). I was born in a small town in the Southern part of Slovakia. Ever since my childhood I was interested in nature. I like to draw and later engrave figural and animal motives and other things (trees etc.) into the wood. The biggest impulse for my work with wood was my encouter with the folk art, traditional Slovak heritage as well as meeting some famous folk artists. My first works were influenced by art feelings at the time when I started using my own ornamental features. Later, I saw the first knife that got me interested by the beauty and uniqness of its making so that I – an absolute newcomer (amateur) started to make knives without previous education in this craft.  After some study about knives I worked out my own style. I concentrated especially on hunting knives, deep engraved with animals in their natural surroundings. I use the best material such as ATS-34, RWL-34, 440-C, Damasteel, mammoth ivory, tropical woods, gold, silver, and precious stones… All my knives are unique (no two identical pieces). I prefer Greek Mythology and I am inspired by Ancient Greek weapons.